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کشور هند دائماً در حال تهدید از سمت تروریست ها بوده و تحت حملاتی است که دولت آنها را منهدم می کند. در حالی که مردم هند روزانه بر سر مشکلاتشان دعوا دارند، خبر ندارند که چه تهدیداتی خود و خوانواده شان را تهدید می کند و این مامورین مخفی هستند که در لباس های معمولی از آنها محافظت می کنند. "آجا" که یکی از این مامورها است عضو یک جوخه‌ی حرفه ای است و...

The country is perpetually under threat from terrorist powers and the common man walks unaware of the threats and the attacks that our Government controls and prevents. While the common Indian fights for everyday issues, there are deeper and bigger threats to him and his family that he will never know exist because it is the men and women in uniform that safeguard them. The men and women who put country before self, the men and women who define our history because they give a damn! Ajay (played by Akshay Kumar) is one such officer who is part of an elite team chosen from amongst the best in the Forces to form a covert Counter Intelligence Unit. In the course of foiling one terrorist attack bid, Ajay discovers a major threat to our nation - a plan to cause damage and strike fear at the heart of our very existence. The plot is masterminded by a maniacal leader whose organization has its tentacles spread across the world. As days progress, the unit goes through escalating challenges with time ticking against them and risks escalating. At all points, the members of the unit give it all they've got and stand tall to guard us with all their strength so that we may sleep safe in our homes. Covert and courageous operations are performed across Kathmandu, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Mumbai as our protectors will not rest till evil is debated. Will the maniacal Maulana Rehman and his band of evil succeed in striking terror in the heart of India? Will the Indian Government change gears from being reactive to proactive and strike? Will Ajay and his unit be able to prevent this terror tsunami?
کارگردان: Neeraj Pandey

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