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دسته ای از افراد پلیس،‌ گروهی از گانگستر های شهر، و گله ای از مرده های متحرک با هم در نزاع و کشمکش هستند. و همگی قصد دارند به نحوی از این مخمصه جان سالم بدر ببرند...

A group of crooked cops, malevolent gangsters and a horde of walking dead are the centre point of this gruesome, action-packed, tale of retribution and escape. Penned in like animals, on the top floor of a deserted high-rise, these two opposing gangs find they're not alone in the lair of bloodthirsty zombies stalking the corridors of death. Joining forces to survive, they must reach the ground level together or perish. Loaded with a bad ass attitude, guns, axes and extremely creative hand-to-hand combat need to survive, being caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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BRRip 720p
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رزولوشن : 1280×544
Encoder :YTS

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