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داستان مردی همه چیز دارد: ده ها خدمتکار، یک قصر، جنگل های وسیع، باغ ها، یک دریاچه، اسباب بازی های مکانیکی، گروه های سرگرمی خصوصی متشکل از نوازندگان و رقصندگان. اما جای خالی یک چیز در زندگی او احساس می شود...

A man has everything: dozens of servants, a palace, vast woods, gardens, a lake, mechanical toys, private entertainment troupes of musicians and dancers. He has it all - but love. When alone, he sits at a desk, sighing, and looking at a photograph of a pretty girl. One day, the circus descended onto his palace, and amidst all the fun it brought, he recognized the Amazon on the white horse - the girl in the photograph. The girl is now the mother of a small boy, Yo-Yo, whom she considers that looks like the millionaire, even under a clown's make-up. The boy will spend some time in the palace, in awe of so much riches, but he will leave (in a dream-like scene) on the tusks of the elephant. Time passes - and one day Yo-Yo will be the owner of his father's palace in decay. Starting from scratch, he will rebuilt it, and be praised as a great clown, an artist, a film-maker, a millionaire. Yet, something is amiss...
کارگردان: Pierre Étaix

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BRRip 720p
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